A Clear View on the Future of Auto Glass

//A Clear View on the Future of Auto Glass

A Clear View on the Future of Auto Glass

Windshields and auto glass are designed to contribute to safety, design, sophistication and in the coming years, a lot more. Windshields too have joined the innovation party. They are being fabricated with stronger, thinner and more lightweight materials. Like carbon fiber, glass is becoming strong enough to contend for structural roles. Not only will car designers start using more of it, but glass is being used as an interface to run entire Internet of Things (IoT) systems, from entertainment to cloud connectivity, from 3D imaging to vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Here are a few trends showing a clear view on the future of auto glass.

Sensors and cameras within inches of glass

Within five years we’ll see sensors and mini cameras become standard safety equipment beyond the early-adoptive luxury car market. Already, basic sensors today alert drivers of a passing vehicle entering a blind spot. Other ADAS applications include things like lane-departure warning alerts, auto correction to keep wheels inside lane markers, and collision avoidance. These are incremental baby steps toward the mass acceptance of fully autonomous vehicles.

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